Life at Wolf Furniture


   Since 1902, Wolf Furniture has recognized the importance of being a  vital member of the local community. To that end, Wolf's supports well over 100 charitable organizations which includes numerous church groups, youth programs, home nursing agencies, programs to fight breast cancer, and shelters for battered women. Wolf's is also involved in many organized chaities such as The United Way, The American   Cancer Society, Boy and Girl Scouts of America, and Habitat for  Humanity. Wolf Furniture coninutally strives to be a good neighbor to its   community. 

 Wolf Furniture contributes over $50,000 per year to local womens, childrens, and veteran's causes. 




 Thinking Green

Wolf Furniture is determined to do what we can to help the environment. Here are some examples of the ways we're thinking green.

  • Altering our hours of operations in all locations
  • Using motion sensitive lights in our warehouse and compact flourescent bulbs in our showroom. 
  • Reducing the use of paper & plastic products.
  • Recycling glass, paper, plastic and various packing materials. 
  • Delivery trucks are equipped with high efficiency diesel engines with goverened speed limits and auto idle shut-off.
  • Aligning ourselves with "Green" suppliers with the same goals.


We offer our employees a competitive benefits package including medical, dental, vision, wellness programs,401K,life insurance and more. 






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